The definitive survival guide to Metal City

New players and veterans, this post shall be your definitive survival guide to Metal City. This bible compiles THE most essential information about the game or the places you can find the info. Take these bits of advice and you will carry the light into the alleys of this wasted town. Are you ready? Here they come:

Meet other players

The place where all competitors meet is Discord. We won’t serve you drinks, but we guarantee there will always be someone to help you with information, tips, and custom matches. Join the community and give a high-five to the place’s manager, The Chancellor. Sometimes you may find Saramantis, Miss Fullscreen, T-Bone, GecKoala, Panda or Sath hanging out over there (looking for drinks, maybe?):

The Heavy Metal Machines universe

Haven’t you heard of the famous MCU? Metal City Universe? Yes, there is a great story behind the game. You can learn more about it and (why not?) express your thoughts and ideas. Right now, you can check these blog posts about our lore:

Tales of Metal City – Chapter 1: The Apocalypse

Sect of Metal: the rulers of Metal City

The Cursed Necropolis – An Illustrated Story

Learning more about the Heavy Metal Machines organizations

Learning more about the characters’ friendships

On their own: learn more about the lone wolves of HMM

Exclusive content

This is where everything happens first. You know that in every town there is a place for gossip and rumors. In Metal City, the social media will most likely be that place. Follow our channels and be first to know “things”:





The lineup

New in town and don’t know who to pick in the arena? No worries. We have the spotlights. This website will help you to choose the right characters for your kind of gameplay. Check it out:

Tips and stuff

In Metal City, people watch the tournaments for fun. The other pilots watch it for strategy and knowledge. This is why we separated some videos to help you and enlighten your path to success.


Metal City’s Prime Time Show

The moment when everyone gathers together to watch the battles. This is the prime time of Metal City’s television. Here is the schedule and channels of the live streams (in English): every Thursday at 19:00 CET

Any questions?

Metal City is dark and rugged. Yet, we have precious information for you, so you will never have questions unsolved. Visit these places if any doubts pop up:


Steam Forum



Let’s shop

The world is not the same in many aspects, but the workshops still exist to tune the machines. The money in Metal City is “Fame”, and it is conquered in the arena. We have a guide on how the store of Heavy Metal Machines works and what you can purchase here:

The folk-lore

The folks of Metal City often tell their tales and lore about the city’s history. If you have your fanfics, please send us and we will post on the blog. Take a look at the texts we already received:

Share the replay

Now that you have all the information, it is time to start recording your gameplay and send us the best moments. We have a series called “Epic Play”, where we choose the best replays sent by the community. This is your chance to become famous and win prizes. Upload the video to your preferred platform and provide us with the link.

All said. Save this guide, make it your lighthouse and path to the success to survive in Metal City.

See you at the arenas!